Argent’s Sam Williams 

Sam is an experienced commercial development manager with a breadth of experience across both public and private sector projects, on a wide range of building types and scale. He is involved through all stages of the development process, from inception of a project, through the design process, procurement, construction to occupation.

He brings a passion for design-led solutions to his role in construction and development. Sam believes that a building needs to do much more than look fantastic! The aesthetics of the building and materials used need to enhance the occupants experience through light, texture and colour, providing enriching environments for those who work and live in the spaces.

Most recently he has led the development of four key buildings at King’s Cross for Argent LLP; R7, Q1, Q2, S1. This involved working with materials including natural stone, perforated aluminium, zinc and timber, enabling unique façade design solutions for each, ensuring the buildings meet ‘best in class’ for prospective end users and long-term viability.

Sam is a big proponent of sustainability, both personally and professionally. Pushing for more than just being environmentally sustainable, always highlighting the wider social and economic impacts within construction and development especially when selecting products, materials and supply chain.