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Awards Categories

This year’s categories will include, in most cases, sections for both the exterior and interior of the buildings.

We accepted entries into the following categories for the Surface Design Awards 2024: 

  • Surface of the year 
  • Commercial Building, sponsored by Armourcoat
  • Housing
  • Landscape and Public Realm
  • Light and Surface, sponsored by Hanex
  • Public Building, sponsored by Panespol
  • Temporary Structure
  • Architectural Photography Award

All finalists will automatically become a contender for the Supreme Award, our most prestigious Award, sponsored by the Business Design Centre. 

Our New Talent Award, sponsored by CDUK, will be judged and presented by Jennifer Castoldi, Creative Director at Trendease Intl. 


Surface of the Year (BRAND NEW CATEGORY FOR 2024)

This is a new category that recognises wall, floor, ceiling, lighting and surface design products, including decorative, creative, inventive surfaces and finishes for both the interior and exterior of buildings including commercial and residential properties. 

Commercial Building

Commercial Buildings that are used for commercial purposes, and include retail, hospitality, workplaces, factories and warehouses and buildings where commercial services are provided. At least 50 percent of the buildings’ floor space will be used for commercial activities.


Buildings such as houses, flats and apartments that are used for sheltering people. These could be either part of the private or public sector and could be individual dwellings or multi-dwelling developments. Social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market are included.

Landscape & Public Realm

The space around, between and within buildings that is publicly accessible, including streets, squares, parks and open spaces. These areas and settings support or facilitate public life and social interaction.

Light & Surface

The innovative use of light and the way it is inextricably linked to surfaces, whether it’s the effect the light has on the surrounding surfaces or the materials used to create the light. 

Public Building

Public Buildings used by the public for any purpose, such as assembly, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, transport or worship. This will also include civic centres, community centres, libraries, visitor centres, culture, health + wellbeing, faith, education, sports venues and stadia, transport, central + local government, entertainment and event venues.

Temporary Structure

A Temporary Structure that is not intended to remain where it is erected for more than a short period of time. This award focuses on the increase of temporary and pop-up structures being more sophisticated and aesthetical in their design.

Architectural Photography Award

Photography focusing on architecture and interior design including exterior or interior images. Both amateurs and professional 
photographers are invited to enter this Award.

Supreme Award

This Award cannot be entered, the winners of each category will automatically be entered for the Supreme Award.