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Surface Design Show 2024

14 Dec 2023

Deform Nuts ®

Northern Precision Ltd Stand: 480

Deform-Nut® is a patented threaded insert system that combines mechanical anchoring and structural adhesive to provide strong load-bearing threads in sandwich panel materials (with a honeycomb or composite internal structure). Expensive or complex solutions such as resin potting or bonding of bushes and tie rods can be avoided. Furthermore, Deform-Nut allows you to use the same type of product in a wide range of sandwich panel materials and thicknesses, is easy and quick to install and doesn't require any further processes or finishing after installation. Deform-Nut can be used in any composite material panel, resins, carbon fibre, light alloy, and more.

The 3 stage system comprises:

• A special rivet nut style fastener which is riveted in to the top skin of the panel using conventional rivet nut hand or air tooling

• Structural adhesive is then injected into base of the rivet nut

• A separate adjusting nut is then screwed into the rivet nut until it bottoms out on the bottom skin, displacing the adhesive into the surrounding structure to increase load strength

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