BluePrint Ceramics are returning to surface design for a 6th consecutive year. This year will be better than anything previous with a showcase of some of our most innovative and decorative ranges to date. BluePrint really want to show off the possibilities with tiles and show haw they can be incorporated in to all sorts of modern design projects, with emphasis on the quirky and unusual. Blueprint are keen to show how you can make a statement with some tile designs that will be set to steal the show.

BluePrint will be displaying unique shapes, bold colours, spectacular patterns and multiple finishes to display the unlimited possibilities of changing the face of a surface.
BluePrint have worked on various projects all requiring a broad spectrum of specification, so when it comes to tiles and tile specification there is no one more in the know and able to advise on tile products than BluePriint Ceramics.
The team at BluePrint Ceramics have a wealth of experience as tile suppliers and distributors in the UK and have worked with architects, interior designers, contractors and property developers on an extensive project portfolio to date. We have supplied high quality tiles to organisations such as Hilton, Primark, Westfield London amongst additional high-profile clients.


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