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Surface Design Show 2024

04 Sep 2023

CDUK introduces Corian® Automated 3D Fabrication Solution

CDUK Stand: 179
CDUK introduces Corian® Automated 3D Fabrication Solution
Materfut® headquarters in Portugal. Facade w ith Corian® Exteriors panels; Project by architect Alexandre Sousa Lopes; fabrication and installation by Materfut®; Image by Materfut®, all rights reserved.
A solution to enable quick, cost-effective fabrication of large-scale parametric designs.

Exclusive supplier of Corian® Solid Surface in the UK and Ireland, CDUK, has added the Corian® Automated 3D Fabrication Solution to its offering in response to technological changes in the building industry, optimising and streamlining the design process for the benefit of specifiers and fabricators.

The new innovative and more sustainable solution supports digital methods for the optimisation and computation of data in the design process. As a result, architects and designers can bring parametric designs to life in the most efficient and cost-competitive way without the need to simplify designs due to the high fabrication cost.

The parametric designs are sent directly to a flexible and reconfigurable mould that shapes the panel to create unique, long-lasting vertical installations with organic 3D forms, complex geometries, curves and irregular shapes. The streamlined process eliminates the need for multiple wood moulds, manual trials and human errors, reducing the fabrication journey's environmental impact.

With this fully automated technology, highly skilled and certified Corian® fabricators and installers can work together to streamline the design process and deliver 3D panels up to 10x faster than standard technology, significantly reducing cost. Quicker production times and fewer panels required to create intricate designs will also result in the capacity to deliver large-scale projects in a shorter time.

Andy Noble, Managing Director at CDUK, comments:

"Technological advancements continue to change how we design and build, streamlining and simplifying the design process to cut monetary and environmental costs. We are proud to work with Corian® Design to bring the Corian® Automated 3D Fabrication Solution to the UK and Ireland - it will help both the A&D and fabricators community to work more efficiently and deliver exemplar projects, both functionally and aesthetically, to help shape the next chapter of our built environment.”

The new solution applies to both exterior and interior projects on all scales, from feature walls and reception desks to complex parametric facades. Corian® Solid Surface offers a wide range of options for cladding design, as sheets can be glued together without visible joints, ensuring uncompromising beauty even when used on large areas. Its non-porous, repairable, and UV-stable and fading-resistant properties ensure it will stand the test of time.

Toni García, Commercial Leader South Europe, Corian® Design, says:

For many years, Corian® Solid Surface has demonstrated across the world its design versatility and its alignment with the technological evolutions of the building industry. The Corian® Automated 3D Fabrication Solution is the latest innovation to allow specifiers to design even more freely and sustainably using three-dimensional panels in Corian® Solid Surface.  The fully automated smart solution does not require the use of wooden moulds and makes the design, fabrication and finishing process significantly faster than conventional solutions,” Toni García, Commercial Leader South Europe, Corian® Design.

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