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Surface Design Show 2024

30 Jan 2024

Elegante Veneers by Havwoods

Havwoods Ltd Stand: 127
Elegante Veneers by Havwoods
Elegante Veneers by Havwoods
Providing a literal new dimension to their collection of wall surface and veneer solutions, leading wood floor specialists Havwoods is delighted to introduce its new collection, Elegante Veneers. With versatility, flexibility and sustainability at the heart of the range, the new collection is part of Havwoods’ new journey to enhance its product portfolio to offer ranges that go beyond the floor.

The launch of Elegante Veneers takes wood surfaces to another level, without compromising on sustainability or quality in the process. First introduced at Clerkenwell Design Week, the three-dimensional Elegante Veneers are made from reconstituted Italian ALPI veneer from Ayous trees. A tropical tree native to West and Central Africa, the Ayous tree is fast-growing and sustainably produced, offering grain-neutral timber that can be easily coloured and processed to create beautifully dynamic surface solutions that replicate any timber species.

The low-density structure means the veneer sheets are extremely lightweight compared to an alternate wood equivalent. As the products are sold in sheets, the result is a unique but colour-consistent flexible surface solution that can be installed on walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry and subtly curved surfaces.

Across the collection, customers can choose a combination of 12 colours, 15 shapes and 3 constructions, with the option for custom milling as well. To colour the veneer and create the 12 colour options that customers can choose from, thin layers of Ayous are bleached, stained and layered to replicate any grain or timber structure required, resulting in a realistic-looking wood without using endangered and exotic species. Once coloured, the layers of veneer are moulded and then CNC-machined to the requested profile shape.

The three-dimensional veneers are offered in a range of different surface styles including Fresato (milled), Costato (ribbed) and Ondato (waved). Each surface can be personalised to suit every preference, with each offering different levels of flexibility and adaptability to suit the surface in question.

The collection is designed to meet almost any application, no matter the size. From veneer-covered kitchen islands and furniture to feature wall and ceiling coverings, Elegante Veneers go above and beyond.

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speech marks

  • "A brilliant variety of materials, Surface Design Show is always a great show to spot trends and see how they are evolving"
    Hamish Kilburn
    Editor, Hotel Designs
  • "Surface Design show is an incredible show for the sector, it has so many different materials and new ideas"
    Justine Fox
    Founder, Studio Justine Fox
  • "Surface Design Show has been a fantastic show for us, this year has been a busy show, and we have connected with lots of architects and interior designers. We will be back for Surface Design Show 2024"
    Matt Robb
    Digital Media Executive, Stone Federation Great Britain
  • "It has been a very good year for the show, creating a good opportunity to meet key players in the industry and for them to get to know our product"
    Guy Whitehead
    Group CEO, Armourcoat, Exhibitor 2023
  • "Surface Design Show 2023 has been especially good for us. It has been extremely busy with a good quality audience and very innovative materials on display"
    Laura Brown
    Rough Old Glass, Exhibitor 2023
  • "A very busy show which has given us multiple different enquiries this year. We will be leaving with lots of new inspiration!"
    Ka Shing Man
    Ritec, Exhibitor 2023



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