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Surface Design Show 2024

The KEIM difference. KEIM purifies.

KEIM MINERAL PAINTS LTD Stand: Business Design Centre Showroom 301 - Gallery
The KEIM difference. KEIM purifies.

When buying natural, mineral paints you may think that you are doing the best you can to care for the environment, and you’d be correct.

In this article we help unearth the additional benefits of some of the KEIM mineral products and explore the photocatalytic features of these specific paint ranges.

Why is this important?

Today, we spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors and breathe over 10,000 times a day. Air quality is important for healthy living. When we are outdoors, we are typically within environments ridden with car fumes and traffic which cause air pollution. Car engines pollute the air with carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These can cause damage to our health and respiratory function, so keeping our air clean is a major challenge.

What can be done?

Clearly advances in car and engine technology are progressing, with significant CO₂ emission reduction targets in place. Paint manufacturers have been working long and hard on using photocatalysis in paints; the process by which light (daylight) is used to reduce pollutants such as nitrogen oxides in the air.

How do KEIM photocatalytic paints work?

Similar to photosynthesis in plants, photocatalysis is an active process also initiated by light to break down and convert harmful gases to harmless substances.

We have successfully engineered a long-lasting coating, KEIM Soldalit-ME, combining a photocatalytic pigment with a mineral binding system to create a paint that helps breakdown pollutants and contaminants, keeping surfaces and air cleaner.

What are the benefits of photocatalytic paint?

As well as the hugely important process of converting harmful gases to harmless substances, the photocatalytic paints in the KEIM product range have additional benefits which include;

-          Longer life expectancy and durability of the surface being coated, to reduce chalking and premature weathering

-          Non fading and extremely high-level colour stability

-          Protection against build-up of dust, dirt, and growth of microorganisms

Which KEIM paint systems are photocatalytic?

We have engineered two key products that can help cleanse the air, whilst offering long lasting protection and colour stability;

KEIM Soldalit®- ME, exterior paint:

-          A high-performance photocatalytic paint containing Anatase Titanium Dioxide

-          Improves air quality, reduces nitrogen oxides, ammonia gas

-          Non combustible (A2-s1, d0)

-          Ideal for buildings suffering from algae growth

-          Long life protective and decorative finish

For more information about KEIM Soldalit-ME, click here

To view the brochure, click here

     KEIM Ecosil®-ME, interior paint

-          The only silicate paint for interior use which actively optimises air in the room by photocatalysis

-          Highly abrasion resistant / ideal for high traffic areas such as entrance halls, stairs, hotels, schools, and restaurants

-          Non combustible (A2-s1, d0)

-          Disinfectant resistance

-          Ideal for people suffering from allergies

For more information about KEIM Ecosil-ME, click here

To view the brochure, click here

The KEIM Difference

Mineral paints, which were invented in 1878 by KeimFarben, are natural, water-borne, liquid silicate products which provide an extremely durable, colourfast, incombustible, sustainable protective finish with high vapour permeability, which work in harmony with the environment.

What to do next?

Not all paints are equal in their environmental credentials. If you want to find out more about our paint systems, renders, washes and mortars, please visit the website buy online at

Order your colour card, samples or arrange a site survey. Any questions, please contact the team by emailing or call 01952 231250.

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