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THE KEIM DIFFERENCE – Paints that ‘buy you time’

KEIM MINERAL PAINTS LTD Stand: Business Design Centre Showroom 301 - Gallery
THE KEIM DIFFERENCE – Paints that ‘buy you time’

Why are these factors important?

In recent times, we have undergone a significant change regarding the availability of a suitable skilled work pool. Maximising efficiency while being sustainable is a key consideration for architects, contractors, and project managers.

Foreseeing this scenario, KEIM mineral paints have developed two paint systems that require minimal application time, to maximise labour efficiency while reducing costs and speeding up project completions. The literal days of watching paint dry, are over!

Which paint systems will increase efficiency and reduce costs?

Painting Interiors

When painting interior rooms, in homes, hotels, care homes and hospitals for example, using paint that can be applied quickly, with minimal drying time between coats, allows the rooms to be quickly reoccupied. Minimal waiting and minimal disruption.

Typically, petrochemical based paints require a one mist coat, followed by two coats of paint, with drying time needed between each application.

By switching the decision to use a quality mineral paint removes the need for the first mist coat. Paint can be applied, undiluted, straight from the tin.

Next, if you use a one coat mineral paint, this further reduces the time to apply the paint as only one coat rather than two are required. KEIM Innostar is a true one coat interior paint removing the need for waiting between first and second coat.

In addition, mineral paints, manufactured from natural materials, have none of the ‘typical’ smells associated with petrochemical paints, and do not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) either during or after application, meaning that once the one coat paint is dry, rooms can be reoccupied quickly, with no risk to health.

Painting Exteriors

When painting exterior surfaces, particularly on large construction projects, paint is often only a fraction of the total cost of decoration. 

When painting high rise buildings, the cost of decoration increases as equipment such as working platforms, scaffolding, or abseiling are often used. Mineral paints are a popular choice for high rise buildings over 11 metres, in particular where fire resistance is required, with KEIM Mineral Paints meeting classification A2,s1-d0.

Weather conditions also determine time windows in which decoration may take place.

The use of an exterior masonry paint that can be applied in one application process offers huge savings both in application time and access costs. KEIM Twinstar is a new exterior masonry paint that can be applied two coats wet on wet, eliminating the need for waiting and drying time, and thereby reducing a work step to speed up project completions.

Which KEIM products offer these additional time saving benefits?

KEIM Innostar is KEIM’s interior one coat mineral paint system, with all of the features and benefits of KEIM’s interior paint systems, available in all KEIM standard colours.

KEIM Twinstar is KEIM’s new mineral masonry paint system, offering the same long life, breathability, and fire resistance of their exterior range, ideal for large projects where time is money.

What additional benefits do these time saving mineral paints offer?

Not all the considerations should be purely financial in our opinion, when comparing paints and application rates. 

KEIM Innostar is environmentally friendly, quick, and easy to use. KEIM Innostar is free from plasticisers, solvents and preservatives and is practically odour-free, ideal for new, unpainted or previously painted surfaces.

KEIM Twinstar provides reliable protection against fouling without the addition of biocides, its water vapour permeability allows painted surfaces to breathe, its antistatic, non-thermoplastic behaviour reduces dust and dirt attraction, and it is colour stable, unaffected by UV light.

What about environmental credentials?

With Cradle-to-Cradle and natureplus Certification, KEIM Mineral Paints are the most certified paints in the world. Kind to you, kind to use, and kind to the environment, they are the proven, safe, environmentally friendly choice for healthy buildings.

Environmental product declarations, and technical safety data sheets are available for the whole KEIM product portfolio with most of the paint systems being fire resistant to the most stringent class A2,s1-d0.

Copies of documents are available upon request.

What next?

Not all mineral paints are equal in their environmental and coverage credentials. If you want to find out more our paint systems, renders, washes and mortars, please visit the website buy online at

Order your colour card, samples or arrange a site survey. Any questions, please contact the team by emailing or call 01952 231 250.

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