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Surface Design Show 2024

05 Feb 2024


TAILOR-MADE+ Stand: 140
Unlock the potential of the slab

Large format porcelain slabs are one of the most sustainable and aesthetically appealing surface materials available today. The wider accessibility of this cutting-edge surface has transformed the way these materials are used, presenting new beginnings, new opportunities, and new challenges. To unlock the full potential of large format porcelain slabs, a comprehensive UK-based cut-to-size solution is essential.

We are that solution.

On display are products and cutting services presented in partnership with Florim Stone and Level that have been designed to instil confidence in designers towards the progression from slab to surface. Services that redefine how designers approach material selection, providing design solutions for the functional and aesthetic requirements of each project. Services that facilitate the creation of luxury stand-alone products such as bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and furniture. Services that assist designers to transform their ideas into completed products.

Porcelain slabs offer an extremely durable surface, but cutting and handling three-metre high formats onsite brings its own challenges, which can often result in chipping or cracking. By utilising our cut-to-size solution, the entire cutting process takes place offsite and is risk-free to you.


Cut-to-size eliminates the need for third- party operations including the transport of slabs between suppliers. Use cut- to-size for surface cladding, custom flooring, inlays and staircases. This level of support allows you to have a relaxed approach to specifying large formats and gives your installers the confidence to handle slabs onsite and complete projects successfully. It’s a collaboration that adds considerable value to a project, combining our expertise with your creativity, allowing this high- performing material to be specified with confidence.


Through the cut-to-size service we can supply pre-prepared 3D cladding for a whole host of practical, artistic, and time-saving applications. We meticulously label each piece and provide precision cut mitred edges for effortless installation. Employing pre- cut cladding streamlines the fabrication process, resulting in significant cost and time savings onsite. 3D cladding solutions can be used for residential projects both indoors and out, and for a host of retail and hospitality applications including plinths, planters, display stands, seating, and service counters.

Reimagine your cherished furniture pieces with the countless colour options and durability of a porcelain inlay or top. Upgrade your existing table tops and furniture inlays with precision cut-to-size porcelain surfaces, made possible by our advanced CNC cutting technology. We can accommodate any shape, including ovals, irregular shapes, or rectangles, and provide square or curved corners to your specification.


Design stunning porcelain bathroom vanities, washbasins and storage units with creative freedom and the widest array of colour choices. All items are handcrafted and made-to-order empowering you to create unique and personalised bathroom designs, tailored to the exact requirements and technical specifications of your project.


Using our solution, kitchen worktops, free-standing islands and waterfall island countertops can be specified in any style. They can be supplied pre-cut to fit an under-mounted basin or specifiedwithanintegratedsink,while matching splashbacks and cabinet fronts add to the possibilities.

We have collaborated with several designers to create a capsule range of products which demonstrate some of the possibilities that working with porcelain slabs provides. You can rely on our manufacturing expertise and technical support to design with freedom and unlock the full potential of the slab.


For more information see Contact us on 020 3848 5212 or email You can also follow us on instagram @tailormadeuk


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