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Surface Design Show 2024

16 Apr 2023

99 Wood Projects

ALPI + Eden Anglo Veneers Stand: 240

Surfaces at the service of design.

ALPI veneer is made to adapt to every type of design requirement through personalised solutions with unlimited aesthetic variety.

ALPIlignum, a certified ecological product, is made of real wood by taking apart a tree-trunk and putting it back together in different ways. This procedure is so designable as to offer infinite results in terms of wood species, finishes and patterns.

The ALPI capacity to give life to veneers with natural colours and veining is found in the Wood Collection. The Designer Collection is made up of unique and original creations by international designers. Here, different atmospheres coexist – intriguing textural reproductions of wood, and innovative, dynamic decorative schemes.

The new 2023 ALPI collections demonstrate the company's great skill in reinventing wood as a design material. They are the result of lengthy research and development focused on the subtleties of colour, one of the cultural mainstays at ALPI.

Konstantin Grcic presents Arcobaleno and Raggiosole, a set of veneers that explores the attractive nature of interacting colours by means of a carefully calibrated succession of blended hues.

Piero Lissoni, the art director at ALPI, presents Kakao, a new member of the Xilo Collection. This new chocolate shade enhances the range, fully expressing its inherent potential.

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