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Surface Design Show 2024

08 Jan 2024


Ecohardwood Ltd Stand: 610

A Recipe for Wood Flooring Quality

Ecohardwood's strict quality control process begins with carefully selecting wood and continues through each production stage. By sourcing raw timber from FSC-certified forests in Europe and using renewable energy in our factory, Ecohardwood ensures all wood products are environmentally friendly and 100% European.

We understand the importance of patience when creating quality wood flooring and other oak products. The production process incorporates precision engineering and excellent craftsmanship, starting with a slow drying process using Belgian technology. There is hardly another manufacturer with a drying cycle that lasts an average of 35 days. This detailed approach rewards in terms of quality and durability and is worth the wait.

Oak Wood Parquet Flooring

With state-of-the-art machinery, Ecohardwood produces parquet oak wood flooring, chevron and herringbone flooring to the highest accuracy and precision, offering customers in the UK a wide range of colours, grades, oak flooring types, and surface textures. Recently we introduced new patterns, such as Diamond and Art Deco, to our parquet wood flooring collection. View our collection of parquet flooring:

Tailor-Made Wood Flooring and Interior Oak Doors Colours

To achieve desired wood flooring, oak doors, and other oak product colours, Ecohardwood goes above and beyond. Multiple layers of oil are applied, sometimes combining different shades to achieve the effect. We ensure that every plank of oak wood product is a work of art. For example, the Cascade oak wood flooring colour was created exclusively by the talented Enrico Pisseli and is inspired by Tuscany. Our nine-step process for tailor-made colours offers a wide range of options to suit every style and taste. From rich and warm hues to subtle and natural tones, Ecohardwood ensures that each customer finds the perfect colour that complements their space flawlessly.

Wood Flooring and Wood Doors Oiling Process

The oiling process is a vital aspect of oak manufacturing, and at Ecohardwood, we recognize its importance. By applying eco-friendly oil by hand and allowing it to be absorbed naturally, we create oak wood flooring and oak doors that surpass expectations regarding durability, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

Double Oak Wood Flooring by Ecohardwood

Our signature double oak flooring structure provides ultimate stability in the face of temperature and environmental changes. Oakwood, known for its hardness and resistance to external factors, maintains even better durability with the help of advanced engineering and technology. Ideal for underfloor heating, symmetrical double oak flooring construction enhances heating effectiveness by 15%. Our use of extra firm, formaldehyde-free PUR adhesive in the structure gluing process guarantees no delamination of multilayers. 

It Takes 100 Years for an Oak Tree to Mature (But You Don't Have to Wait That Long)

For Ecohardwood flooring and oak doors, we exclusively use oak trees that have reached a remarkable milestone - 120 years or older. Oak trees become more extraordinary with age. By selecting oaks that have surpassed the century mark, we tap into the immense potential that comes with maturity. These majestic trees have weathered decades of growth, adapting to their surroundings and developing unique strength and resilience. Though still sturdy and robust, they have already reached their peak in life expectancy. It is an extraordinary example of nature's circle of life. When a mature oak tree is repurposed as a sustainable material for constructing our homes and buildings, the younger trees grow in their place.

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