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Surface Design Show 2024

22 Oct 2022

ALPI Legacy Collection | Curated by Piero Lissoni

ALPI + Eden Anglo Veneers Stand: 240

The Legacy Collection is a range curated by the ALPI art director Piero Lissoni. It takes inspiration from a selection of lost species such as ebony, Honduras mahogany, teak and rosewood - all woods that are not easily sourced, or even illegal to use. Indeed, their strong aesthetic value made them so popular for so long that serious problems of deforestation and prohibited commerce arose. With this unique and sustainable collection, ALPI makes available a number of ecological veneers that are replicas of their unattainable natural counterparts. The Legacy collection reproduces noble types of wood that were traditionally used to make fine European furniture from the 18th century onward. They were fashionable during Art Deco and modernism, and still today, they are a source of inspiration for designers and decorators, characterised as they are by rich colour, great character and the sophistication they bring to interiors. The Legacy collection by ALPI gives new life to these wood types by offering them to contemporaneity. The veneers come with a broader range of expressive possibilities and applications than the precious woods they replicate

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