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Dutch Walltextile Company

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Dutch Walltextile Company

Amsterdam based manufacturer of high-end textile wallcoverings. Combining craftmanship and elegance with a contemporary style.


Dutch Walltextile Co., founded in Amsterdam in 2014, is a family-owned company driven by a passion for textiles and interior design. Globally acclaimed for our craftsmanship and inventive approach, our skilled designers and artisans work together to produce extraordinary textile wallcoverings using state-of-the-art technology. Through teamwork and close collaboration with our clients, we elevate interior projects and bring interior dreams to life. 

A century of craftsmanship

Our Amsterdam-based textile wallcovering production embodies craftsmanship at its core. Due to our century of experience, we meticulously design and manufacture each collection in our own factory, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Our unwavering attention to detail is the hallmark of our enduring commitment to excellence.

 Sustainable design

Our design team has carefully curated the DWC collection, incorporating refined colours and textiles. We prioritise the use of premium materials and designs, ensuring long-lasting quality for our wall textiles. Sustainability remains a continuous focus throughout our development process. 

First-rate quality 

Our collection showcases the epitome of luxury by integrating premium materials such as (Indian) silk, Belgian linen, and Italian velvet. Each fabric is hand-selected for its exquisite texture, lustrous sheen, and timeless elegance, resulting in wallcoverings that exude opulence and sophistication.


Discover our collection books, offering comprehensive overviews of the latest textile wallcoverings and colours. By ordering these books, you can easily stay updated on the latest trends and designs for your interior products. Additionally, you can conveniently order small A6 samples online to explore the textures and colours firsthand. Perfect for enhancing your interior projects. 


In addition to our standard collection, we offer the option to incorporate your own fabrics/designs and convert them into wall textiles with a non-woven backing. Furthermore, all our wall textile collections are available as loose fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and cushions. This allows for a full range of customisation options for your project.. We offer ordering by the metre to minimise waste and leftover inventory.



Dutch Walltextile Co. HQ
Jarmuiden 7
1046 AC

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  • The Nomadic collection is a carefully curated range of natural wall textiles. It pays homage to man's wanderlust through different landscapes and centuries. 
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