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Manuela Cabrales

Stand: NT21
  • Textiles and Fabrics
  • Sustainable Materials
Manuela Cabrales

Manuela Cabrales is born from a deep love for nature, a sense of wonder for the world's cultural diversity, and a belief that we can find beauty and deeper meanings in everyday objects.

The label's intention is to serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, artist and artisans collaborations, promoting cultural visibility, supporting local communities, and providing a platform for various projects which celebrate diverse world perspectives. This purpose is rooted in my Colombian and Latin American heritage and the desire to showcase what communities and indigenous groups can offer to the world. I believe in the significance of embracing our origins and values while exploring the world that surrounds us.This label draws inspiration from my travels and serves as a platform for me to absorb and share the world's richness through my perspective. 


Ingelow House
Holland Street, Holland Street
W8 4NE
United Kingdom

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