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Natalie Holliday

Stand: NT20
  • Textiles and Fabrics
  • Sustainable Materials

Hand woven fabric inspired by the natrual landscape of Eastbourne's coastline.

I am using this skill to produce patterned fabric that explores movement of the ocean surface, with references to cymatics (the study of visable sound) to inform more depth into water motion textures. 

My works purpose is to encourage the emotions of calm and restfulness in your living environment. 

The ethos of my brand is looking to the furture of interior textiles with the mission of producing fabric that is created with nature for nature.

Only using organic fibers, sorucing our dyes from the natrual environments and using traditional technques that are more environmently friendly then synthetic production. With this direction my products will be kinder to our human health and the planet.  


United Kingdom

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