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Nathalia Nova Design

Stand: NT9
  • Glass and Glazing
  • Lighting
  • Textiles and Fabrics
  • Sustainable Materials

Fragments Collection - Unique lamps, furniture, utensils and decorative pieces, made in Brazil, address a new era, the conscious consumption.


We know that in the past, furniture design was made to last, passing through generations. After the Industrial Revolution things changed, with a frenetic pace of production when the purpose was more quantity than quality. This situation resulted in a large number of discarded products that had a great impact on nature.

Designer Nathalia Nova’s response is Fragments Collection. By exploring local factories in Brazil with different segments, to understand the production processes and what kind of material residues were produced.

What caught her attention was a place making beautiful blown crystal with a technique from Murano in Italy. Utilising pieces of leftover blown crystals became tables lamps bricks and even jewellery in a kind of wabi-sabi approach, to recreate different surfaces for a collection of furniture and objects.


Rua Dairel, 46
São Paulo

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Fragments Collection

    10 Apr 2023 Nathalia Nova
    Made with recycled Crystal, the collection was presented in Salone Satellite Milano 2023, with new products like bricks, tables, lamps, jewerly and more.
  • Fragments Catalog

    29 Jan 2024 Nathalia Nova
    The Fragments collection is developed from discarded crystals which, added to new high-temperature techniques, transform on exclusive and resistant Design surfaces.
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