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  • Plastics/Resins/Synthetic Materials
  • Acrylic
  • Polymers

Panespol is a world leader manufacturer of wall decorative claddings based on our own patented formulas. Our wide and growing product range makes possible for designers the periodic refurbishment of spaces providing them with a distinguishing atmosphere. Panespol decorative solutions are aesthetic, appealing and easy to install and include from classical material emulations like brick, concrete, or tole to the trendiest textures or colours. Therefore, Panespol strictly comply with international safety regulations by offering a strong, sustainable, non-toxic, non-flammable thermal insulator and guaranteed material verified by certificates.


Buixcarró, 5

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  • Timeless and dynamic. Versatility is one of the requirements for every interior decorator or designer. That is why brick is one of the most popular choices. Decoration of walls with brick offers a wid ...
  • Creativity in its purest form. PANESPOL TEXTURES is the range tailored for those designers who want to explore new paths: textures inspired by wild nature, classic designs or rhythmic geometries. With ...
  • Continuity and volume. The ‘concrete waves’ look, an unstoppable trend that generates a captivating sense of visual constancy for its ability to unify environments and decorate without overdoing thing ...
  • Beauty in simplicity. Tiles have broken all the rules as far as interior design is concerned. Demand for them has increased for several seasons thanks to their versatility in adapting to any space and ...
  • Avant-garde and minimalism. Thanks to our imitation cement panels it is very easy to achieve high impact surfaces and cutting-edge settings. PANESPOL BETON faithfully reproduces different types of cem ...
  • Character and warmth. Stone is a material that does not go out of style, a decorative covering that attracts all the attention and plays the leading role in the setting. The use of stone gives a genui ...
  • Elegance and sophistication. These slat effect panels bring visual order to spaces, featuring an interesting and attractive relief that provides movement thanks to its textures and strips.  The innova ...
  • An assortment of textures. Slates are an essential part of construction and decoration. They can offer a robust and varied texture that in turn brings elegance and distinction. The PANESPOL SLATES lin ...
  • At Panespol we believe that there is a better way of doing things, that it is possible to generate prosperity and economic growth, improving people’s quality of life and conserving the environment. We ...
  • Our company, Panespol, makes fine-quality, classic, contemporary, and innovative polyurethane-based coverings for walls, for surfaces, for whatever you dare to dream about for any imaginable project.
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