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Stratum Resin Flooring

Stand: 600
  • Plastics/Resins/Synthetic Materials
Stratum Resin Flooring

Designing exceptional seamless resin floors for the future, with innovation, quality and customer care at the heart of every project. For over 20 years Stratum have been working with architects and designers, helping to turn spaces into inspiring environments with our beautiful functional poured floors. Stratum provide a complete service under one responsibility and our installation teams are fully trained at the Bolidt Academy, in the Netherlands. We specialise in 2 systems which offer almost unlimited possibilities and design freedom, making it an exciting product for architects and designers to work with.

Choose Stratum’s ‘Pure Design - Bolidtop 525’ for a single, even colour that lends your space style and atmosphere, or ‘Unique Design - Bolidtop FiftyFifty’ for a blend of two natural base colours, which looks a bit like polished concrete. For functionality, specially developed coatings can be applied to tailor the slip resistance requirement for each area.

With our Dutch partner Bolidt by our side, we guarantee a wear resistant and durable floor with a clean modern aesthetic that stands the test of time.


The Studio
6 Peakfield
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • A customized, unique combination of scattered Bolidt Decoflakes.  This poured floor offers a fresh look and seamless feel. 
  • FiftyFifty blends two warm natural base colours, poured together giving a touch of flow and playfulness for a completely unique floor. 
  • Unique finishing and practical properties, Bolidtop 525 is tailored to the demands of living and working. Available in 56 colours, which can be combined, the floor works in harmony with your interior.
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