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We are syntarqui, a company focused on the development of high-tech fabrics for architecture and design. Over 10 years ago we created arquifil, a range of fabrics specifically engineered to solve the problems with metallic meshes, filling the technological gap in this sector.


Syntarqui Srl
Via Tonale, 180/200

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  • A3d 35 is an extraordinary fabric that stands out for its visual depth on three levels, making it one of a kind. 
  • Ash 39, with its traditional chevron weave, enriches and enhances any glass, adding depth and a classic touch. [...]
  • With diagon, design reaches new heights. Its diagonal pattern, is perfect for ambitious architecture and interior [...]
  • Soft sheen and glowing reflections. Its regular weave spreads light homogeneously, its...
  • AW 50 is characterized by a thin and compact surface. It offers a brilliant metallic luminosity and a unique color effect.
  • Once laminated in glass, it gives off warm, deep light reflections. The uniform texture distributes light evenly, giving a unique visual effect.
  • AW35 is perfect to add elegance and privacy to your projects. It is ideal for both glass lamination and stretched panels.
  • Metallized fabric at 25 is a true jewel of weaving, with its dense and durable “twill” weave providing maximum privacy. 
  • Syntarqui - Arquifil AW 40

    28 Nov 2023 Syntarqui Srl
  • Syntarqui - Arquifil AW 45

    28 Nov 2023 Syntarqui Srl
  • Syntarqui - Arquifil AW 50

    28 Nov 2023 Syntarqui Srl
  • Arquifil collection represents the contemporary world of new bio architecture, 3D virtual reality, urban regeneration, a new way of looking at architecture. 
  • Syntarqui - Arquifil AW 55

    28 Nov 2023 Syntarqui Srl
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