Light Talks

Join our masterclasses in the new look Light Talks theatre

A highlight of Light School 2020 was the Light Talks theatre designed by Rebecca Weir, Creative Director of Lightbout.iQ (product supplier) and Light.iQ (lighting design consultancy).

Designed to emphasise the essential link between light and materials, the Light Talks theatre featured a range of surface materials creatively lit by Rebecca to accentuate and play with their intrinsic essence.

''Playing with light, reflectance and colour and incorporating the calming elements of biophilic design we have created an immersive, reflective space to contemplate and enjoy Light School’s lecture series.'' Said Rebecca Weir.

Installations suppliers for Light Talks were: Evans Turner, Innerspace, Applelec, Corian and  B & S Glass Industries.

Light Talks hosts a full programme of presentations during the 2½ -days of the show. These will include two masterclass sessions bringing together panels of lighting designers with architects, interior designers and lighting manufacturers to discuss the intrinsic link between lighting and surface materials.

The programme will be curated by the Institution of Lighting Professionals.


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