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Main Stage Programme

Surface Design Show 2024


Bringing Urban Landscapes to Life with Light

08 Feb 2024
This talk will delve into the transformative role of light in our urban environments. This session investigates the nuanced relationship between light, visual aesthetics, and functionality in our cities. From the choices between lights on or off to the delicate balance between energy efficiency and safety, the discussion will explore the impact of illuminating our spaces, extending into the ethical consideration of converting every corner into a 'point of sale.' As we navigate the future of this technology, we question its evolving role and the next frontier it presents for urban landscapes.
Helen Parton, Editorial and Content Consultant - Design, Architecture and Built Environment
Andy Clark, Founder and CEO - Bright Green Group
Beckie Cove, Business Development and Marketing Associate - Jason Bruges Studio
John Lenehan, Global Projects Director - Acrylicize