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Surface Design Show 2024


Designing for a sustainable future: Integrating Interiors, Wellbeing and Sustainability

07 Feb 2024
This talk will aim to engage a diverse audience by exploring the intersection of interior design, wellbeing, and sustainability. Drawing on the expertise of experienced designers from Interior Design Declares, this discussion will encompass valuable resources for designers, emphasizing crucial aspects like material choices impacting air quality. Delving into sustainability accreditations, carbon footprint considerations, and strategies for enhancing energy efficiency. By broadening the conversation, the panelists aspire to empower designers to create homes that harmonize aesthetics with environmental consciousness, fostering a healthier and more sustainable future.
Kaye Preston, Freelance Design Editor and Wellness Design Consultant - WLLW
Rosey Treherne Pollock, Owner - Rosey Treherne Pollock Interiors
Cat Hoad, Founder - Absolute Project Management
Jecks Stone, Founder - Persona Abode Interiors
Ana Rita Martins, Sustainability Lead - MCM