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Main Stage Programme

Surface Design Show 2024


Natural stone from Turkiye in Architecture and Design

08 Feb 2024

This talk will focus on the seamless integration of the Turkish natural stone industry based in the Aegean region of Turkiye with digital and sustainable advancements. Karakus will explore how the industry has embraced digital technology, highlighting its use in quarrying, manufacturing, and design through innovative digital tools and fabrication methods. His presentation will also illuminate the Aegean Turkish natural stone industry's commitment to sustainability and zero waste in production, showcasing cutting-edge practices and eco-friendly initiatives.

Karakus will focus on new techniques and trends in stone design and the frontiers in architectural aesthetics in natural stone. He will look forward while also looking back to the rich history of architecture in stone from Turkiye dating back to prehistoric times. He will delve into the innovative material applications and processes unique to Turkish natural stone in the past today, emphasizing its role as a sustainable material in various design projects. Through engaging case studies, expert in architecture and design in natural stone Karakus will showcase the ingenious use of Turkish natural stone, marrying traditional material with modern design and technology.

Gökhan Karakuş, Director/Designer - Emedya Design and Consultant to the Turkish Natural Stone Industry