Scientific studies show that contact with nature significantly reduces our stress level, increases our creativity, lowers blood pressure and generally improves our cognitive abilities. In a natural environment we simply feel more comfortable, healthier and more productive.

This positive effect is transported by the Greenhill moss luminaires by Freund GmbH, Berlin. The designed products respond in a creative way to the growing desire for green in closed rooms.

Not only do they create the desired basic lighting. Their extra accent lighting adds value to the natural surface, which turns into a special eye-catcher. In addition, the natural moss absorbs sound waves between 500 and 3,000 Hertz and thereby optimises the room acoustics. For this reason, the use of this natural material is perfectly suited for speech sounds with frequencies at approx. 2,000 Hertz. This makes the luminaires perfect for use in open-plan offices, doctors' surgeries, hotels, restaurants or other places where many people come together.

Freund-GmbH-Greenhill-Luminaires-01.jpg  Freund-GmbH-Greenhill-Luminaires-02.jpg

Only real natural mosses are used for the production of the green light elements. The natural mosses are harvested, cleaned and preserved in a resource-conserving manner before they are given their intensive green colour by using natural colouring products. The moss's patented preservation process allows it to be completely maintenance-free, without irrigation or feeding.

Each moss lamp is "Made in Germany" and created handcrafted to individual customer specifications. The production of biophilic design objects is a consequential enhancement of Freund GmbH.

Thanks to Freund‘s many years of experience as material manufacturers and suppliers plus their brillant network of reliable partners, their business focus shifts to developing finished products with unusual natural materials (such as real moss or natural bark) and thus bringing nature into rooms. The lamps and luminaires form the perfect symbiosis of natural material and modern light.