Surface Design Show’s resident trend and colour forecaster, Sally Angharad, selected trends to be inspired by in 2019:


Immersive Colour 
Enhancing texture and colour using back-lighting, dichroic effects and recycled acrylic

Lightly Technologies, ADL Plastock, Lucy J Design, Float Glass Design


Embossed, perforated and concave circles bring 3D qualities to surfaces

Wildman & Bugby, Yasmin Kiris, Print Acoustics, B&S Glass


Charred Effects
Ancient craft techniques add intrigue and depth to decorative wall panels creating an iridescent sheen

Innerspace Cheshire, Sterling Studios, Designer Walls, Nordcell


Weathered Metals 
Metal becomes a key ingredient across a range of innovative coatings and surfaces. Applications include metal
spray, oxidised effects and powder coatings

Powdertech (Corby), Off the Wall Coverings, Lighting Technologies


Nurturing Walls 
Moss continues to be a key biophilic material to bring people closer to nature

Poppy Pippin, Freund, Innerspace Cheshire 


Clay Pinks 
Pinks become more earthen in colour, seen in tiles and leathers for interiors

Wildman & Bugby, Structural Skins, Olasol


Marbling Techniques 
Expressive colour mixing creates marbled surface decoration as well as forming patterns within recycled materials 

Enis Akiev, Tomasz Maker, Hannah Williams


Gilded Patterns
A touch of gold brings warmth and luxury to neutral tones

Mosaic Hides, Surface Design Studio, Sterling Studios