Talking Points – article by Sally Angharad, Trend Consultant

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From the making process to the disposal of goods the environmental and social impacts of consumption are very Close to Home, inspiring the Surface Spotlight Live 2020 vision that explores locality and issues of waste in the production chain.

The 2020 vision for Surface Spotlight Live will feature either British manufacturers/designers or companies from other countries who focus solely on ingredients local to them. It will consider using waste and designing with a conscience to offer benefits to either the area it is made or the wider world.

What was once deemed a far-away problem is rapidly becoming a factor we cannot ignore with designers and manufacturers using recycling as a catalyst for design solutions, rather than an afterthought.

It is an exciting time for the design world with these parameters to do better inspiring a wealth of innovative solutions for the built environment.

Founder of That’s Caffeine, Atticus Durnell explains that the mission driving his collection of materials made from waste coffee grounds is “to change people’s perceptions of waste via innovation and use technology to unlock the hidden potential in recycling”.

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Ingrained in the core values of emerging brands is to not only to offer outcomes that will enhance the design world but will also retain a sense of culture and place. Using readily available local materials and manufacturing methods, designers aim to give something back to the community.

The design then returns to the location, offering consumers a chance to see their not-so-useless waste transform into use again, says designer Katalin Huszar, who’s project aims to create an environmentally friendly mindset by collecting used plastic drinking straws inviting designers to create new objects, installations and textures for the community.

Surface Spotlight Live 2020, curated by trend consultant Sally Angharad, will showcase a selection of exciting and thought-provoking materials that aim to help reduce the negative results of our production and consumption in both the UK and abroad.

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