Hannah Davis, Trifold

Hannah Davis 

During these difficult times, Surface Design Show will be doing a series of interviews with our community to discover how others in the architectural and design world are surviving lockdown.

Among the 32 New Talents at Surface Design Show 2020 was Trifold, a flexible furniture system that comprises of building blocks enabling the creation of many forms by means of a traditional origami tessellation.

The new product, which is the brainchild of Hannah Davis went on to win the New Talent Award at the Surface Design Awards.

Hi Hannah 

Thanks for letting us self-isolate with you, keeping in touch with our friends makes us all feel better.

Where is your isolation home right now?

I am currently living the life of isolation in Sheffield in a cosy flat, of which I have considered about 100 ways to redesign since being isolated.

How are you coping with this new lifestyle?

Reasonably well at the moment, keeping myself busy with lots of little projects but this soon may change as boredom kicks in.

Do you have a daily schedule?

I have tried to stick to one, exercise in the morning generally means the upcoming day will be productive.


What tends to be the highlight of your day?

Spending time with loved ones, this whole difficult situation has given me time to relax and recharge, it has allowed me to enjoy the little things in life just a little bit more.

What are you missing most? And what don’t you miss at all?

I miss people and laughter, but I definitely don’t miss the morning commute.

Are there some long neglected jobs that you intend to get around to doing during the lockdown?

Logging my creative outputs and reflecting on previous work and experience. By the end of this nightmare I would like to have a portfolio which doesn’t haunt my nightmares.

How do you think our sector will manage these difficult times?

It will bounce back. I’m not foolish, no doubt will it impact it. The financial implications of this pandemic will add strain, but in the end of the day people need design. Every item around you is designed, if anything it may encourage individuals to be even more creative and find new solutions to problems and share these with the world. It’s rather exciting really, it’s a definite silver lining.

How was your experience of participating in the New Talent section of SDS20, did it work for you?

Very rewarding, it connected me with some amazing people and encouraged me to pursue new avenues for Trifold. It has elevated the exposure of the product and created a platform for Trifold to launch its products off.


You were the winner of the 2020 New Talent Award! What have you done with the trophy?

It holds pride of place in my family home, where it was placed on return from the show, apparently it can not be moved as it fits perfectly with the décor.

What do you think we should be looking forward to when normal service resumes?

Travel. I gain a lot from exploring and cannot wait until it is safe to do so again.

Thanks Hannah for letting us self-isolate with you!