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Designer Yair Neuman first learnt about lens waste while designing his debut eyewear range. Now he has launch his latest product DELEREX, which utilises this waste to create eye-catching products. We spoke to him to find out more.

Based in London, designer Yair Neuman explores the opportunities of sustainable design and works towards minimum environmental impact solutions. He is driven by two factors, which he explains: ‘Apart from sustainability, that is a given, innovation is what my work revolves around. Design in itself is not quite enough. I always seek to invent something new when designing a piece be it a mechanism, material or a whole new function. This means there's a lot of trial and error involved but when I succeed it tastes really sweet’

Neuman has produced work for notable brands including, Samsung and LG, alongside his self-initiated projects. A graduate of both the Design Academy Eindhoven and Ravensbourne University in London, he was nominated for the Arts Foundation Futures award in Materials Innovation in 2020. His latest product DELEREX is made entirely of recycled lens waste from the eyewear industry. Its purpose? To turn waste into a new and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ material.

Yair Neuman, Lifestyle, 2021

‘DELEREX is made of 100 percent recycled waste lenses’, says Neuman. ‘I ended up with a formula that doesn't include any extra glue or bonding agents which means pure recycling. The material is translucent and bears the footprint of the lenses within the surface even after it's transformed into sheets. It is a kind of authenticity mark. Depending on the angle one views it from, the surface shines gentle iridescent colours. It can also be finished to a very smooth degree that makes it nice to touch.’

Yair Neuman, Lifestyle, 2021   Side_Notes_01.jpg

Neuman has spent two years developing this product. And while many products, with recycled content, give users either little or no clue about its previous life, Neuman showcases its material origins for great appeal and awareness. The pearly translucent white material features iridescent blues, greens and pinks – which forms the lens’s anti-glare coatings - and uses no glues or bonding agents.

 Yair Neuman, Lifestyle, 2021   Yair Neuman, Lifestyle, 2021

Neuman has designed product ranges, which features the material, including lighting and tables. He does have bigger plans: ‘I'm currently working on ways to take DELEREX to a bigger scale and making large pieces of furniture’, says Neuman. ‘I see beautiful dreamy cabinets and other containing vessels that contain thousands of lenses in them. In this case, the bigger I make them, the more expression I get and the more waste I save’.