Spain’s leading tile manufacturers present an exciting range of new ceramic and porcelain designs at Stand 401


High-tech performance and innovation are what customers expect from the Spanish tile industry. Choice is another selling point; new designs include small formats and mosaics, 3D surfaces and technical slabs, offering a wide variety of solutions for both residential and commercial projects.


The latest patterns will inspire architects and designers wanting to customise a space. Geometric products from Cevica, Dune, Gayafores, ZYX, Peronda and Arcana illustrate the imaginativeness of Spanish tile design.

Alternatively, a vibrant hue could be the defining element. Colour is one of the celebrated characteristics of ceramic as a material and brands such as Harmony, Keros, Cerámica Elias and Equipe draw on the rich tradition of glazed artisanal tiles, yet offer a contemporary spin that is fresh and original.

Neutrals can also be intriguing, which is proven by the innovative display of tiles from Vives, Colorker, Tau, Argenta and Decocer. In their hands, grey and beige are dynamic with subtle tonations or interesting textures.


Yet ceramics are so flexible they don’t have to look like tiles. Using the latest digital printing techniques, manufacturers are able to replicate all types of raw materials faithfully whilst still retaining the many benefits of porcelain. Marble-effects, for example, are a time-honoured classic and a popular way to add a touch of luxury. Arklam and Museum show off some richly striated surfaces that work well in a wide range of projects.

No matter what the style, ceramic tiles are a safe choice – hygienic, toxin-free, fire and chemical resistant – and suitable for a variety of challenging settings, including wet or high-traffic areas. They are ecological, too, with a long lifecycle and usually contain significant recycled content.

Let ceramics transform your project!