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Dr. Petrina Carmody

Dr. Petrina Carmody

Chief Change Officer, Great Place To Work

Dr Petrina Carmody has spent the last 30 years in the world of work and the last 20 or so of those since her doctorate specialising in advising organisations on engagement, culture, leadership and change more generally.  

She has worked with a wide range of national and multi-national organisations. At the heart of her work is the simple view that prioritising how we interact with those we work with and choosing to treat people as valued individuals drives positive experience for us as humans and results in more productive and profitable organisations.  

She is a chartered psychologist and works with Great Place to Work UK as Chief Change Officer. The GPTW Change practice helps organisations move their cultures and people experience forward through evidence driven, expert partnerships with clients. Key areas of work for GPTW Change are leadership, culture & values, DEIB (diversity,inclusion,equity & belonging), and wellbeing. 




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