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Jecks Stone

Jecks Stone

Founder, Persona Abode Interiors

Jecks Stone established Persona Abode, a London-based interior design company, which creates home environments enriching the health and well-being of its occupants. She would inevitably set up her company to incorporate sustainability after spending over 18 years in recycling management followed by listed building conservation at the Church of England. Founded by Friends of the Earth, the charity Brumcan Recycling was at the forefront of providing sustainable waste solutions for local residential communities and businesses, including National Rail & Carillion.

Recycling was the tip of the iceberg compared to the progress sustainability has made today. However, alongside overseeing the conservation projects, it laid a foundation for marrying interiors with environmental impact. After looking at the unsustainable practices that took place within the industry, when she graduated in 2017, she became one of the first UK designers to become certified ™. The course solidified Jecks' reluctance to design without meaning. It unveiled how design choices have significant repercussions for animal and human populations, especially in marginalised communities, and was fuel for Jecks to advocate for designing more kindly.

Today, Persona Abode strives for every project to be designed for the benefit of people, places and the planet. Efforts are put into being considerate of the impact of the earth’s diminishing resources by designing as much waste out of the equation and mindfully designing interiors for the long-term health of its users and the surrounding environment. Jecks feels strongly about swaying away from concentrating wholly on aesthetic indulgences. Therefore, Persona Abode applies science-based principles studied at West Dean, Parsons New School of Design and the WELL Building Institute to elevate the experiences we have in the places that should nurture us every day, home.

Keen on helping to clean up the industry’s act, it was essential to team up with other interior design practices to effect significant change. In March 2021, Persona Abode was one of 9 founding signatories to Interior Design Declares, an official public declaration and show of commitment to respond to the environmental crises around the globe. As part of the wider network, Built Environment Declares, the collective voice shares resources, liaises with other industry-based organisations and networks and constructively engages with clients and the architectural press.