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Rosey Treherne Pollock

Rosey Treherne Pollock

Owner, Rosey Treherne Pollock Interiors
Rosey has been quietly practising Interior Design for 30 years, starting in Paris and now based in London and West Berkshire. Her degree and passion is the history of art, and she is also a keen lover of nature. So, when we emerged from lock-down, she decided to edit her studio library to include only sustainable products and suppliers. She has compiled an extensive list of carefully curated companies and researched all aspects of the industry, including the more architectural side of interior design. Her focus has been on retrofitting and carefully updating Georgian and Victorian stock. She now guides her clients on how to care for their buildings and participate in a more circular economy. She always seeks to creates long-lasting, durable, elegant interiors which lift the spirits while being respectful of the environment. Rosey is a steering group member of Interior Design Declares.