Nic Fallows, BNF Capital

Nic leads a forward thinking, design led global investment portfolio. He brings passion, energy and a design focus.  For 7 years the property projects focus on contemporary, functional design, sympathetic to the local area and designed for people. Creating projects that are interesting and differentiated to the general offering and give real consideration to environmental implications and internal environments that people want to live in or work in.  With astute decision making, strategic investment in design & architecture and passion to make a difference, the portfolio now includes 6 office buildings in London and 2 residential developments. The family office he represents were early investors in contemporary design lead projects in Spain and Panama, in addition to co-working spaces in the UK under the Huckletree brand.

Outside of property, investment in forward thinking companies in the health and well-being sector, include; Peloton, Beyond Meat and Urban.