Surface Design Show Focus

Each year Surface Design Show introduces a ‘Focus’ into the event.

For 2019 our ‘Focus’ will be on Public Realm and Workplace, two sectors that have a huge impact upon our daily lives.

Both subject areas have an increasing presence, importance and impact on corporations as well as individuals.

Never before have the work and the public realm environments been so heavily scrutinised as they are now. Environmental factors and physical and mental wellbeing have been linked, leading to new expectations concerning aesthetic, acoustic and lighting design in workplaces and in public spaces.

Through a series of events profiles in the run up to at the show and presentations at the show, these two specialist areas of design will be explored from a surface specific point of view, providing engaging insight into the best and latest products, materials and applications that impact working and public realm environments.



“Public Realm ties cities together and is a potential source of joy and inspiration to all citizens.” Public Spaces Magazine

Reflecting the growing importance of landscaping and open spaces in the future development of our cities, the 2019 Surface Design Show and the co-located Stone Gallery will give a special focus to Public Realm.

Natural stone, an ‘on trend’ material for Public Realm developments, is already well represented within the Stone Gallery event held as part of SDS. Supported by Stone Federation GB, Stone Gallery brings together many of Europe’s leading stone brands.

“Great public space is a kind of magical good. It never ceases to yield happiness. It is almost happiness itself.” Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogota

The Focus at SDS will highlight leading public realm projects scheduled for 2019 and beyond; it will feature talks by landscape architects and lighting designers and it will host an exciting range of companies and products including natural stone, recycled materials, permeable products, concrete, gravel, safety flooring and living walls.

Nightingale House in Melbourne, Australia is a project that uses Public Realm to knit together work, leisure and the community. We asked architectural correspondent Veronica Simpson  to take a look.



Today, the idea of workspaces has moved beyond the conventional office landscape comprised of cubicles, desks, and chairs.

Happiness in the workplace is key to effective performance and productivity. Flexibility, space and lighting have all become key issues.

Reflecting the growing importance of workplace design in future office developments, the 2019 Surface Design Show and the co-located Light School will give a special focus to Workplace.

The Focus on Workplace at SDS will highlight some of the leading projects from both the UK and abroad, it will feature talks by architects and lighting designers and it will host an exciting range of companies and products.

Architectural correspondent Veronica Simpson will be featuring a number of projects at the leading edge of workplace design.

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