Located right in the centre of Surface Design Show, Surface Spotlight Live remains one of the highlights of every visitor’s trip to the exhibition.

Featuring innovative and tactile materials for our visitors to touch and feel, SSL gives a truly ‘hands-on’ experience for architects and designers to enjoy and learn from.

With a focus on new, SSL looks at the advanced properties and uses the different materials have to offer. SSL is curated by trend and colour expert Sally Angharad and global colour & trend forecasters Colour Hive.

'Sense of Place' is the theme for Surface Spotlight Live 2022:

Sally Angharad

Colour HIve


Trend expert Sally Angharad is showcasing a selection of innovative and exciting materials under the theme; 'Sense of Place'.

Highlighting how humanity and the earth are deeply interconnected, 2022 and beyond marks a significant shift in perspective, with a more considered approach to every aspect of people’s lives. Ecological factors are the driving force behind design and with material properties.

“We are living through exciting and radical changes when it comes to the meaning and impact of every single ‘thing’ on this earth. From helping us on the journey to a world without post-consumer waste to developing viable alternatives using biomaterials: designers and manufactures are working hard and turning a crisis into an opportunity.”

SSL will present a selection of surfaces, finishes and materials that celebrate the power of creative thinking, showing how ethical innovation is providing positive design solutions.

Surface Spotlight Live will feature either British manufacturers/designers or companies from other countries who focus solely on ingredients local to them. A key driver for the theme will be designs that have explored recycling (especially using unexpected ingredients).

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Global colour & trend forecasters, Colour Hive returned to present a dedicated materials installation – Materials Edit – featuring one-of-a-kind inspirational objects and materials.

Materials Edit was inspired by the drivers behind Colour Hive’s Spring Summer 2021 design story Factory.

Recognising that process is an important part of design, but one that is all too often forgotten when work is predominantly focused on a screen, Factory welcomes a return to the back to basic principles of the Bauhaus movement. When form follows function, we are reminded of the vital connection between theory and practice.”


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