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Colour Hive: CMF Directions 2025

Join us for live seminars with creative agency Colour Hive.  Featuring two diverse stories from their 2025 forecast, Colour Hive will explore the macro drivers, colour palettes and material and finish directions in an inspiring and insightful presentation.

Colour Hive 1
Colour Hive 2
Colour Hive 3

About Colour Hive

With more than 20 years’ experience forecasting and publishing design, colour and material insight, Colour Hive communicate through inspiring concepts, intelligent analysis and beautiful design for their global clients and members.

Colour Hive Showcase

We are pleased to announce that creative agency, Colour Hive will return with a dedicated 2025 showcase.

Featuring exclusive future insights from Colour Hive membership including MIX Magazine, Colour, Material and Finish Directions and Global Colours alongside an edit of one-of-a-kind inspirational objects and materials inspired by their 2025 design direction Hack.