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More Than a Building

Surface Design Show 2024



Article 25 is the UK's leading architectural NGO working in the Global South. All of their projects start with extensive community engagement. They co-design each building with the community who will be using it, ensuring it truly meets their needs. 

Article 25 use a local workforce, they don't parachute in a team from abroad. In fact, if there is local expertise to design and manage a project at the same scale and quality, Article 25 won't take it on. As project managers, they form a diverse team of local builders, making sure to include women and people in need of employment. 

Article 25 also train the local people in new construction techniques, improving the economy and giving them the knowledge to maintain and repair their own community assets far into the future. Their buildings are designed to withstand extreme weather events like hurricanes and flooding, using seismic design where earthquakes are a threat. 

They are experienced in using passive design and creating off-grid solutions, which benefit both the climate and communities without mains power. 

Savings are passed onto their NGO partners by using pro-bono and low-bono expertise. 

Their Mission and Vision

To improve access to healthcare, education and shelter across the Global South. To deploy our professional skills as architects and project managers to make this happen. Design and build high-quality hospitals, schools and homes in the places that need them most.

Their Impact

More Than a Building have completed over 100 building projects in 35 countries around the world, tackling challenges like earthquake risks, remote locations, extreme weather, and unreliable power supplies.

Thanks to their work, more children are able to complete their education, healthcare is within reach of more communities, and people have safer homes that can withstand a changing climate.