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Sustainability is becoming as important as ever, and at Surface Design Show, we are committed to responsible environmental operations and event planning and as such commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste at the event. We are delighted to be working with the venue, contractors and our wonderful charity partners, Furnishing Futures, as part of our journey to becoming more eco-conscious.

Furnishing Futures

Surface Design Show is proud to partner with Furnishing Futures to collect and distribute furniture donations from exhibitors. Furnishing Futures create trauma-informed healing homes for women and children who have escaped domestic abuse and been placed in empty social housing. Living in poor quality housing without proper flooring, curtains or furniture has a devastating impact on people’s self-esteem. Furnishing Futures takes furniture and homewares donated by the interiors industry and our incredible supporters and creates healing homes that support women and children’s wellbeing. They rely on donations to obtain the furniture they need to provide the support that they do. Exhibitors are invited to donate furniture, artwork, lamps, cushions, and rugs that are in excellent condition that can be used in families’ homes. Please visit their website for more information or click here to find out how to donate at SDS 2024.

BDC Policy

This year, the BDC has started working with carbon consultants at ecollective, to help them understand how they can further reduce their footprint, in order to reduce their carbon emissions. The BDC’s aim is to be Net Zero by 2030 by reducing emissions each year, in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative guidance, until they reach net zero. They already send zero waste to landfill, and instead identify cleaner ways to dispose of waste materials. The BDC work closely with it’s organisers by providing a post-event sustainability report which shows opportunities for improvement year-on-year.  For more information on sustainability at the BDC, please visit their website.

Sustainability & Waste Policy

We have produced a Sustainability & Waste Policy which is included in the online Operations Zone and will be circulated to exhibitors within 3 months from the event to allow them to plan accordingly. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy also outlines Montgomery Group’s commitment to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and reducing our waste footprint, both within our organisation, and in the events we deliver.



Sustainable Stand Builds

*NEW FOR 2024: The walling is made out of metal framework* 

We have invested in a modular stand building system, that can be endlessly reused. The BDC is also a permanently carpeted venue, which means no carpet waste from the show. Plus, we only use LED lighting to reduce consumption and all lighting is switched off once the hall is closed. The LED lighting kits alone reduce consumption by 80% as well as reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Better Stands

We are supporting the Better Stands initiative, which aims to unite and encourage exhibitors and contractors to move away from single use disposable stands, in favour of reusable structures. For more information on our work with Better Stands please email

"At Montgomery Group, we’re taking great efforts to improve sustainability across our global events portfolio. We wholeheartedly support the Better Stands initiative because it aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and eliminating unnecessary waste. Reducing single-use stands is an important part of creating a more sustainable exhibition industry, minimising our carbon footprint and running events that have a positive impact on people and planet."  




We are also committed to mapping and reducing our carbon footprint across all Montgomery Shows. We are working with TRACE by isla, a collaborative workspace to estimate, measure and report the carbon impact our events.



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