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Surface Spotlight Live

Curated by material, design & trend expert Sally Angharad and located at the heart of the show is Surface Spotlight Live, a recurring highlight of the show. The 2024 edition will shine a light on cutting-edge surfaces, finishes and processes that embrace the future and harness the vital role materials play in design across all dimensions.

‘We are at such a turning point with technological advancements where we are trying to gain a deeper understanding of how these innovations can benefit us today as well as in the future. Since the pandemic we have become more in tune with our innate need for emotional connections. This means we seek to embrace new ideas but at the same time appreciate the value of human interactions. The effect of this on our aesthetic world is also significant, and the way we experience physical and digital spaces is a key research topic for the design industry”. Sally Angharad – Material, Design & Trend Expert


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Finding the balance between design intuition and analytical thinking for meaningful experiences.

From physical to digital, materials and their properties play a central role in the multi-sensory space. As we embrace technological advancements and invest in new design approaches, the boundaries between virtual and ‘reality’ continue to blur. But what does this mean for the built environment?

Mindful Living celebrates progress and innovation in design for interiors and architecture, as we adapt to our ever-changing world. Conversations around man versus machine continue as we search for new ideas.

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